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La Belle Roise

A French-style very complete breakfast

Lunch, a good start to the day

          This is a very special moment for you and for us. We take great care in doing so. Breakfast will be served at your convenience. Depending on the season, or your choice, you can pick it up in the family dining room or on the terrace, or even in front of the fireplace. In addition to traditional pastries, we enrich it with honey from local producers, jams and homemade or regional pastries. Ghislaine has more than one string to her bow and in addition to homemade yoghurts, she reserves you some surprises over the days. In short, we are committed to ensuring that this breakfast is complete, varied and pleasant, rich in discoveries and authentic flavours.

           We also attach great importance to the table, which we wish to be welcoming and warm. For these reasons we have chosen a traditional setting, tablecloths and napkins are made of cloth, hot drinks, coffee, tea, chocolate or herbal teas are served in porcelain dishes. A beautiful table is also an invitation to start the day well, it is the first hello that also passes through the eyes.

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Last edited: 13/07/2019